Friday, July 24, 2009

What I'm Reading

I am reading "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer, the New York Times best seller which has been into a movie. I have already seen the movie, don't worry, it doesn't spoil reading the book. While I enjoyed the movie, the book is much more detailed and explains more about the powers of the Vampire's. I'm only half way thru the book and am enjoying it. I'm to that can't put it down point.

The book is good for any age that likes to read. My 14 year old grandson really liked it. My 21 year old daughter liked it. Hubby couldn't put it down. I'm listing it as a good read, may change as I get further into it.


MeeMee said...

My 13 year old grand-daughter read thta book in the first of the series. She said she didn't care as much for it as she did the second one "New Moon". She is enjoying reading all in that series.

Neha said...

Shall search for the same in library, i do read novels sometimes, though myself not so regular..:)

And thanx for visiting my blog too..

Rob said...

I'm really not fun of reading novels, but stil depends on the topic..hehe