Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

Reviewer’s note: Please have read the previous three, Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse before you dive into this novel. Regardless of what you have heard, if you do not have the background of the others, Breaking Dawn will be disappointing and confusing. Caution, this review has spoiler potential.

Breaking Dawn, the final chapter in the Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series, treats the reader to a whirlwind of emotions: heartbreak, loyalty, family bonds, fears, grief, and hope but to name a few. The story is definitely one of Bella’s and Edward’s eternal love. It is clear that nothing can break the bond between the two. Oh, yes, did I mention that Bella became pregnant with Edwards’ child after marriage but pre-vampire change? This child (you have to read yourself to see if the half-human/half-vampire is a boy or a girl) will frankly take you on a roller coaster ride, both during and after the pregnancy.

And what about Jacob, that pesky werewolf who haunts Bella in the previous entries in this series? Fear not, Jacob plays a part, nay; he plays a pivotal part, one I defy you to try to guess.

Bella, our dear Bella, finally comes to realize that she does in fact have a power all to her own. Having lived in the shadow of both Edward’s and Jacob’s supernatural powers, her gift, alluded to and quite frankly a large part of previous volumes comes to the front to the amazement of all parties. Even the Volturi, who we met in Italy, have to come to grips with Bella’s gift in Breaking Dawn. No more will Bella be viewed, as some have stated, as a woman who lacks an independent spirit or power of her own.

The final confrontation brings you face to face with an amazing cast of characters: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Hang on, dear reader.

And least I forget: Shaman alert… Jacob and his fellow tribal pack mates turn out to NOT be werewolves.


Nilofer said...

Thanks a lot for the useful info... I loved reading since I was in school and don't know somehow lost connection to it. I got a pack of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series after reading your post. It surely rocks. I mean if you like a combo of romance n thrill with some supernatural masala thrown in then you will definitely love it. I'm currently reading New Moon from the Twilight series. Keep it going.

oDx said...

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Mr. Patrick said...
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Mr. Patrick said...

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Tall Fashion Divas said...

I read all 4 books. Well... actually, I stopped about 3/4 into Breaking Dawn only to put the book away. I couldn't take it anymore. It just got too ridiculous for me. I don't think many people had the same reaction as I, but I'm afraid... Stephenie Meyer lost me with that one.