Saturday, July 25, 2009

Twilight by Stephenie Meyers

Well, I finished Twilight. Here is my “formal” Review:

The story is of one Bella Swan, a 17 year old who moves from her mother’s home in desert Arizona to her dad’s place in Forks, a small, gloomy and boring town in the ridiculously rainy Pacific Northwest. A new school must be attended, new friends must be made, and she must rebuild a relationship with her dad, Charlie, the local police chief. Enter Edward Cullen, who, with his family, also are considered “outsiders’, two years after moving to Forks as well.

You probably know or have guessed the storyline: Edward is a Vampire. So is his “family”. Bella falls in love with Edward. Intermixed are all of the interpersonal relations that Bella builds (and sometimes resists) with her school mates. Edward, knowing that his interest in Bella is star-crossed, valiantly tries to resist to no avail.

Bella learns of the history of the “cold ones” from a local member of a nearby Native American tribe. Jacob, her tribal friend, tells the story of the feeding habits of the Cullens. Politically correct, the Cullens only hunt animals, not humans. “Vegetarian” vampires! Now that’s a twist, enabling the Cullens to be good guys, and to have a shaky treaty with the tribe. You will also be introduced to ‘bad’ vampires as well, not to worry!

This romp into the world of teen love, vampires, supernatural abilities, and Native American lore will keep you fascinated. The 1st person presentation through Bella’s eyes is sometimes frustrating, as you will long for more details from other characters’ viewpoints. You will learn more in the other three books in the series. I am glad my daughter recommended this novel to me.


Anonymous said...

Wow! not sure I would enjoy reading it but I do know my granddaughter, age 13, loved it!

Roffi Grandiosa said...

i enjoy the movie instead

admin said...

really interesting