Friday, August 28, 2009

Cross by James Patterson

Cross is the 12th offering by James Patterson showcasing Alex Cross, master forensic detective. You are presented with all the details of the horrific unsolved murder of Alex’s wife, which occurred years ago in the series timeline.

Cross is pulled into a search for a demented serial killer, known as the Butcher, by his former partner John Sampson. Having left the FBI and now building a private counseling service, Cross reluctantly joins in the search for Michael Sullivan, the Butcher. Lo and behold, Cross soon realizes that there is a tie between the Butcher and his wife Maria’s murder.

Patterson weaves a tale of mayhem and murder, with the story told from the viewpoint of both Cross and Sullivan. Rapid fire short chapters fill the book, as Patterson takes the reader back and forth between Cross and Sullivan. Graphic violence becomes, unfortunately in this case, more important than plot development. I was disappointed in the lack of character in this Patterson novel.

There is plenty of action in Cross, replete with Cross, the Butcher, FBI agents, and an assortment of mob characters who are ironically also after the Butcher. You may enjoy Cross as a quick read. Patterson however, has produced better quality stories.


Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

Nice review. I've read many of the Alex Cross books. Gripping stuff.

Ahsan said...

Interesting to read. Ive read this for the 1st time

Anonymous said...

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